FSC® Chain of Custody

The reduction of emissions and the use of eco-friendly and recyclable materials constitute our prime concern, so that we minimize our environmental footprint. The provision of certified products that bear the Forest Stewardship Council logo is a top priority and, to this end, our company holds an FSC® Chain of Custody certification, thus contributing to responsible forestry practices and strengthening our eco-consciousness.


Quality Management System per ISO 9001:2015

Our company holds an ISO 9001:2015 certificate from accreditation body UKAS Management Systems, proving that we have harmonized all our production and operation processes with one of the strictest market standards, which guarantees that our products and services are of top quality.


ECOVADIS bronze medal recognition

The leading world-class organization EcoVadis honored our company with the bronze medal recognition for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), after carrying out the relevant assessment, thus rewarding our company for its innovative and responsible business practices, its eco-consciousness and its commitment to sustainable development. The CSR rating of EcoVadis reflects the management of CSR through the safeguards that relate to corporate policies and practices seen in conjunction with the relevant results of the company assessed. The assessment is carried out on the basis of a set of 21 distinct criteria which are grouped into 4 different themes: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. EcoVadis covers a range of 198 industries from 155 countries and employs more than 150 CSR analysts.

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GDPR Compliance

Our company complies with the General Data Protection Regulation [Regulation (EU) 2016/679] and processes your personal data on the basis of the said Regulation and of the national and EU legislation.