• Offset εκτυπώσεις

    Offset printing

    Our company’s production line includes a wide range of main machinery and peripherals.

  • Digital εκτυπώσεις

    Digital printing

    Our company’s printing department is being constantly renewed with the addition of new machinery.

  • Offset και digital εκτυπώσεις - Συσκευασία


    Creating dynamic and eye-catching packaging is a core ingredient to present and place a product on a market.

  • Offset και digital εκτυπώσεις - Δημιουργικό Τμήμα

    Creative department

    Constant communication, great speed operation, digital mockup creation and certified model (sample) printing.

About us

Printing company CHROMOPACK was founded and is being run by Nikos and Marios Oikonomidis, who carry on a family tradition of 60 years.

The company’s machinery is state-of-the-art and is constantly being renewed in order to meet the requirements of customers from all kinds of sectors, such as industry, processing and services provision. Our customers comprise, among others, publishing firms, advertising companies, food and drink companies, cosmetics companies, pharmaceutical companies etc.

Our production is vertically integrated and automated in its greatest part, from pre-printing processes up to the production of the finished product.

This way, the control of quality is ensured throughout all production stages, while projects are completed in a short period of time and at competitive costs.

60 χρόνια CHROMOPACK
Offset printing


Our company’s production line includes a wide range of main machinery and peripherals. This way, the exact desired shade and quality of every single printing work is achieved, as well as its further processing based on the type of paper, the possibility to use eco-friendly raw materials and special food-grade toners.


The quality, the immediacy and the two-way communication between the stakeholders of each project, lead to the perfect creation of our products in our continuous effort to satisfy our clients to the maximum.


The creative department of our company has managed to support businesses from important sectors. You can see below some of the companies who trust and cooperative with us all of these years of operation.

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